The Center for Location Science

Optimal Facility Location. Spatial Analysis. Geographic Information Systems and Science.

IED Strategy
IED Strategy
Access to Transit

Academic Activities

The Center for Location Science provides education, training, and outreach opportunities to students, faculty, and our community of stakeholders. These efforts are devoted to the development of scientists who conceptualize location as a primary feature of the physical and social worlds. Another purpose of the Centerís engagement efforts is to raise awareness in the general public about spatial problems and their solutions. Some examples include:

  • Short Courses:
    • Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
    • Geographic Information Systems Project Development
    • Spatial Statistics and Geostatistics
  • Education:
    • Doctoral candidate mentorship
    • Graduate student mentorship/advising
    • Undergraduate student advising
  • Events:
    • Conferences, seminars, and colloquia
    • GMU GIS Day

Drugs, Violence, and Development in Colombia
Police Patrol Area Optimization
Access to Transit
3D View of the George Mason Fairfax Campus